1925 Ottawa municipal election

The city of Ottawa, Canada held municipal elections on December 7, 1925 to elect members of the 1926 Ottawa City Council.

Mayor of Ottawa

Incumbent mayor John P. Balharrie is re-elected without opposition.

Candidate Votes %
John P. Balharrie Acclaimed


There were four plebiscites put to the voters. All four would fail.

Are you in favor (sic) of reducing the present city assessment on business, incomes and improvements at the rate of ten per cent a year until fifty per cent is exempted; and if the city services require the taxes thus lapsing, the assessment be placed on all land values in the city?
Option Votes %

Property owners struck down a proposal from cross town tracks.

Are you in favor (sic) of the Corporation applying to the legislature for authority to raise upon debentures and to pay over to the Canadian National Railways one-half the cost of establishing a new railway make-up yard southeast of the Rideau river and the amount necessary for track revision west of Graham's Bay at a total cost to the city not to exceed $350,000, such moneys to be paid such company on condition that it will remove its Bank and Elgin streets yards to such new location and will abandon through train movements between the canal and the western city limit?
Option Votes %

Voters also struck down a proposal to lengthen council terms to two-years. All but Central and St. George Wards were against.

Two-year terms
Option Votes %

Property owners voted against a money debenture bylaw for $12,000 for the West End Market

West End Market
Option Votes %

Ottawa Board of Control

(4 elected)

Candidate Votes %
Frank H. Plant11,67618.03
Herbert McElroy8,79613.58
Arthur Ellis8,30712.83
Charles J. Tulley7,78412.02
Patrick Nolan6,82310.54
Omer Langlois5,6008.65
S. Rupert Broadfoot4,9117.58
Walter Cunningham4,1486.41
Fred Desjardins3,3595.19
Napoleon A. Bordeleau3,3575.18

Ottawa City Council

(2 elected from each ward)

Rideau Ward
Candidate Votes %
Tom Brethour52524.93
David Esdale52524.93
Robert Ingram43520.66
By Ward
Candidate Votes %
Frank LaFortune Acclaimed
Eric Query Acclaimed
St. George Ward
Candidate Votes %
Thomas E. Dansereau Acclaimed
Hugh J. McNulty Acclaimed
Wellington Ward
Candidate Votes %
James W. McNabb1,59932.31
Erenest D. Lowe1,39828.25
A. Gamble75915.34
Capital Ward
Candidate Votes %
McGregor Easson2,81343.09
Harold D. McCormick2,52238.63
Dr. McKinnon1,19318.28
Dalhousie Ward
Candidate Votes %
Sam Crooks2,29032.51
Jim Forward1,74424.76
John Dawson98814.02
Victoria Ward
Candidate Votes %
Ernest Laroche Acclaimed
Gerald Sims Acclaimed
Ottawa Ward
Candidate Votes %
J. A. Pinard1,29036.75
Aristide Belanger1,21534.62
St. Denis1,00528.63
Central Ward
Candidate Votes %
William R. Low1,77546.09
C. Allen Snowdon1,57640.92


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