1928 Ottawa municipal election

The city of Ottawa, Canada held municipal elections on December 3, 1928 to elect members of the 1929 Ottawa City Council.

Mayor of Ottawa

Incumbent mayor Arthur Ellis was re-elected without opposition.

Candidate Votes %
Arthur Ellis Acclaimed


Property owners voted in favour of improving water supply in the city which would involve allowing the city to spend $1,315,000 for a water filtration system.

Water filtration
Choice Votes %

City residents voted in favour to continue using daylight saving time in the city.

Daylight saving
Choice Votes %

Ottawa Board of Control

(4 elected)

Candidate Votes %
Frank H. Plant16,54023.31
Charles J. Tulley12,02416.94
Frank LaFortune11,22615.82
Gerald Sims10,78115.19
Harold D. McCormick9,61013.54
George H. Dunbar8,71112.28
Alex Leckie1,1411.61
James Ryan9291.31

Ottawa City Council

(2 elected from each ward)

Rideau Ward
Candidate Votes %
Rod Plant63628.35
Tom Brethour58025.86
W. Cherry43519.39
R. Ingram37116.54
A. Ackland2219.85
By Ward
Candidate Votes %
A. W. (Fred) Desjardins1,24036.02
Eric Query1,23935.99
J. A. Parisien96428.00
St. George Ward
Candidate Votes %
Norman H. MacDonald1,47431.77
T. E. Dansereau1,47031.69
Walter Cunningham1,26727.31
J. M. Dugas4289.23
Wellington Ward
Candidate Votes %
James W. McNabb Acclaimed
J. Edward McVeigh Acclaimed
Capital Ward
Candidate Votes %
John Warren York3,51437.30
George Pushman2,53326.88
George Sloan2,15222.84
Dr. W. T. Mackinnon1,22312.98
Dalhousie Ward
Candidate Votes %
Sam Crooks2,87137.09
Jim Forward2,51732.52
J. F. Meagher2,35230.39

Victoria Ward
Candidate Votes %
Ernest Laroche1,28040.20
Nelson J. Lacasse1,17536.90
John R. Welch83121.01
Harry Scales72922.90
Ottawa Ward
Candidate Votes %
Aristide Belanger1,61439.74
J. A. Pinard1,10327.16
Joseph Landriault96823.84
J. Whelan3769.26

Central Ward
Candidate Votes %
Dr. G. M. Geldert1,90237.37
William R. Low1,64732.36
J. E. Stanley Lewis1,54030.26


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