1929 Ottawa municipal election

The city of Ottawa, Canada held municipal elections on December 2, 1929 to elect members of the 1930 Ottawa City Council.

Mayor of Ottawa

Controller Frank H. Plant was elected mayor without opposition.

Candidate Votes %
Frank H. Plant Acclaimed

Ottawa Board of Control

All three incumbent controllers were re-elected. Businessman John J. Allen was the only newcomer elected.

(4 elected)

Candidate Votes %
Charles J. Tulley (X)12,05716.83
Frank LaFortune (X)11,62816.23
Gerald Sims (X)11,45515.99
John J. Allen11,17215.59
G. M. Geldert11,13515.54
George H. Dunbar8,59011.99
S. Rupert Broadfoot5,6207.84

Ottawa City Council

All incumbent alderman who ran were re-elected. Two new wards were created for this election, Elmdale in the city's west end, and Riverdale in the city's south. The incumbent aldermen from Dalhousie both ran in Elmdale. One of the incumbent aldermen from Capital Ward (George Pushman) ran in Riverdale.

(2 elected from each ward)

Rideau Ward
Candidate Votes %
Rod Plant (X)82038.95
Thomas Brethour (X)74835.53
John C. Grant32915.63
Robert S. M. Hood2089.88
By Ward
Candidate Votes %
A. W. Desjardins (X) Acclaimed
Eric Query (X) Acclaimed
St. George Ward
Candidate Votes %
T. E. Dansereau (X)1,65237.72
Norman H. MacDonald (X)1,42032.42
Walter Cunningham1,30829.86
Wellington Ward
Candidate Votes %
James W. McNabb (X)1,95544.46
J. Edward McVeigh (X)1,71539.00
A. M. Muir72716.53
Capital Ward
Candidate Votes %
John Warren York (X)2,21539.43
Edward Band (politician)\1,89933.81
R. Hooper1,50326.76
Dalhousie Ward
Candidate Votes %
Clarence M. Denneny1,24724.81
Dan McCann1,17623.40
W. A. Balharrie77415.40
Robert A. Stokes66413.21
Freeman Rowe54310.80
W. E. O'Meara4128.20
W. S. McFall2104.18
Elmdale Ward
Candidate Votes %
Sam Crooks (X) Acclaimed
Jim Forward (X) Acclaimed
Victoria Ward
Candidate Votes %
Ernest Laroche (X)1,10928.04
Nelson J. Lacasse (X)1,06126.83
John R. Welch83121.01
J. P. Nolan55914.13
Harry Scales3959.99
Ottawa Ward
Candidate Votes %
Aristide Belanger (X)1,47638.01
Wilfrid St. Aubin1,26332.53
Joseph Landriault92423.80
Aurelian Rose2205.67
Riverdale Ward
Candidate Votes %
George Sloan1,56735.17
George Pushman (X)1,37630.89
A. W. E. Hellyer80117.98
Robert Carson71115.96
Central Ward
Candidate Votes %
J. E. Stanley Lewis1,49929.69
William R. Low (X)1,32526.24
Harold C. Shipman88317.49
Kirby Bangs85116.85
W. F. Bowden Martin4919.72