1950 Ottawa municipal election

The city of Ottawa, Canada, held municipal elections on December 4, 1950.

To date, this election elected the most members of city council in Ottawa history. 28 alderman from 14 wards, plus 4 controllers and the mayor for a total of 33 on council. Voters overwhelmingly voted to reduce council down to 18 aldermen in a plebiscite which saw its largest opposition in the more francophone Ottawa and By Wards.

The mayoral race featured the same three candidates as the 1948 race. However, Goodwin defeated Bourque this time. He would only serve for 9 months however, as he died on August 27, 1951. He was replaced by city controller Dr. Charlotte Whitton, the first female controller in city history.

Three new wards were added to council, due to the annexation of parts of Nepean Township and Gloucester Township. Gloucester Ward held a special election on January 2, 1950, while Carleton and Westboro Wards held elections on December 19, 1949.

Mayor of Ottawa

Candidate Votes %
Grenville Goodwin28,69847.60
E. A. Bourque (X)18,66830.96
G. M. Geldert12,92821.44


Council reduction
Candidate Votes %

Ottawa Board of Control

(4 elected)

Candidate Votes %
Charlotte Whitton38,40522.20
Len Coulter (X)31,0717.95
Dan McCann (X)25,48414.73
Paul Tardif (X)24,26513.99
C. E. Pickering (X)22,68713.11
Roy Donaldson20,18011.66
Frank Ellis10,9886.36

Ottawa City Council

Map of Ottawa's Wards used in this election
1. Rideau Ward
2. By Ward
3. St. George's Ward
4. Wellington Ward
5. Capital Ward
6. Dalhousie Ward
7. Elmdale Ward
8. Victoria Ward
9. Westboro Ward
10. Carleton Ward
11. Ottawa Ward
12. Gloucester Ward
13. Riverdale Ward
14. Central Ward

(2 elected from each ward)

Rideau Ward
Candidate Votes %
Leslie Avery (X)1,244
John Powers (X)1,239
J. C. LeBlanc598
Thomas Hubert302
By Ward
Candidate Votes %
Jules Morin (X)1,839
Eric Query (X)1,777
Aldege Soott393
St. George's Ward
Candidate Votes %
Charlie St. Germain (X)3,691
William Newton (X)2,250
Sam McLean1,490
Arthur Moeser728
H. R. O'Hara571
H. Robert344

Wellington Ward
Candidate Votes %
Martin M. Walsh (X)3,012
Charles Parker2,724
Sam Chandler1,441
C. F. Johnson1,144
Capital Ward
Candidate Votes %
Noel Ogilvie (X)2,778
Parlane Christie (X)2,342
Tom Davison2,179
M. J. Murphy1,303
S. T. Lewis602
Dalhousie Ward
Candidate Votes %
Wilbert Hamilton (X)2,651
James McAuley (X)2,352
W. J. Wills1,170
W. P. Kerwin961
E. Ayoub550
Elmdale Ward
Candidate Votes %
Henry Bradley (X)3,408
Roly Wall (X)3,296
Lee Rickey2,405
Jack Norris1,900
George Blouin518
Victoria Ward
Candidate Votes %
Lon Campbell (X)1,447
Joseph Allard (X)1,206
Paul Dufour835
Conrad Vezina449
H. E. Jodoin388
J. J. Hartnett366
Hector Chartier281
H. J. Lacasse165
Westboro Ward
Candidate Votes %
Ernie Jones (X) Acclaimed
Henry Parslow (X) Acclaimed
Carleton Ward
Candidate Votes %
Frank Boyce (X)1,952
Howard Henry (X)1,882
William Simpson860
Ottawa Ward
Candidate Votes %
Clem Aubin (X)1,895
Henri Rheaume (X)1,751
Aristide Belanger1,442
Gloucester Ward
Candidate Votes %
A. H. Newman (X)2,465
Pat Doherty (X)2,203
Alex Roger2,048
Riverdale Ward
Candidate Votes %
David McMillan (X)2,885
George Sloan (X)2,753
Victor Irish2,124
Ivan Sparks1,096
Central Ward
Candidate Votes %
J. Grant Shaw (X)2,768
Fred Journeaux (X)2,320
C. G. Marshall2,179
Roger Webber991