Paddington North (UK Parliament constituency)

Paddington North was a borough constituency in the Metropolitan Borough of Paddington in London which returned one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom, elected by the first past the post voting system. It was created in 1885, and abolished for the February 1974 general election.

Paddington North
Former Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
1885–February 1974
Number of membersone
Replaced byPaddington
Created fromMarylebone

It was a compact and mixed residential area which included some grand mansion blocks of flats, large runs of typical London terraced houses, and some areas of working-class housing. The area moved slowly down the social scale during its existence and the construction of large amounts of social housing following the Second World War made what had been a Conservative-inclined marginal seat into a reasonably safe Labour one.

Paddington North in London 1885-1918
Paddington North in London 1918-1950
Paddington North in London 1950-1974