1939 papal conclave

Following the death of Pope Pius XI on 10 February 1939, all 62 cardinals of the Catholic Church met in the 1939 papal conclave on 1 March. The next day, on the third ballot, they elected Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli, who was Camerlengo and Secretary of State, as pope. He accepted and took the name Pius XII. It was his 63rd birthday.

Papal conclave
March 1939
Dates and location
1–2 March 1939
Sistine Chapel, Apostolic Palace,
Vatican City
Key officials
DeanGennaro Granito Pignatelli di Belmonte
Sub-deanDonato Sbarretti
CamerlengoEugenio Pacelli
ProtopriestWilliam Henry O'Connell
ProtodeaconCamillo Caccia-Dominioni
SecretaryVincenzo Santoro
Elected pope
Eugenio Pacelli
Name taken: Pius XII

The conclave of 1939 was the shortest of the 20th century.[1]

Pacelli was the first member of the Roman Curia to become pope since Gregory XVI (1831)[2] and the first Roman since Innocent XIII (1731).[3]