Paradera is a small town and Census Region near the northeast end of the island of Aruba.[2] The census region Paradera encompasses the town of Paradera as well as nearby settlements and neighborhoods within Paradera, including Ayo, Bloemond, Piedra Plat, and Shiribana.[1][3] At the time of the 2010 census, Paradera proper had a population of 2,486. The Paradera census region had a population of 12,024.[1]

A small wooden house in Paradera, Aruba
Location of Paradera in Aruba
Sovereign stateKingdom of the Netherlands

St. Philomena's Church, a Roman Catholic church, dominates the skyline relative to the rest of the town's buildings.[4][5] The region of Paradera has an estimated area of 20.40 square kilometers.


At the time of the 2010 census, the following settlements were counted as a part of the Paradera census region.[1]

Name Male Female Total
Shiribana 1,755 1,945 3,700
Paradera 1,207 1,279 2,486
Ayo 1,582 1,836 3,418
Piedra Plat 1,203 1,217 2,419
Total 5,747 6,277 12,024

Until the 2010 census, previous census data listed the neighborhood of Bloemond in Paradera in place of the town, to distinguish the town from the census region.[6]


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