Parish Walk

The Parish Walk (sponsored by Manx Telecom since 2012, previously known as the Clerical Medical Parish Walk until 2009, then Scottish Widows Parish walk up to 2011) is a walking race that takes place on the Isle of Man each year usually on the weekend nearest to the Northern Summer solstice.[1] It is the biggest walking event on the island.[2]

Parish Walk on 2006.

The Parish Walk is so called because the route passes through all of the island's seventeen parishes, covering a total distance of 85 miles (137 km). Originally, walkers had to touch the door of each of the seventeen parish churches, which are all still visited but nowadays electronic timing chips are worn. A time limit of 24 hours is given, and there are cut-off times for reaching each stage.

Only a small proportion of walkers are expected to complete the full distance each year. Walkers may drop out at any of the stages, which correspond to each parish, with an official time and distance. The entry fee for the 2018 race was quoted at £40 or less dependent on discounts.[3]