Parishes and dependencies of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is an island nation made up of: Antigua island which is divided into six parishes; and of the two dependencies of Barbuda island and Redonda island.

Parishes and Dependencies
LocationAntigua and Barbuda
Number6 parishes, 2 dependencies
Populations1,634 (Barbuda) - 51,737 (Saint John Parish)
Areas24.41 (Saint George Parish) - 160.58 (Barbuda)
  • Vestry (created in 1692, inactive), Parish councils (proposed during the 2023 Antiguan general election)

Although Barbuda and Redonda are called dependencies, they are integral parts of the state, making them essentially administrative divisions. Dependency is simply their title.

Redonda was annexed into Saint John Parish and unlike Barbuda, is not an autonomous island.[1][2]

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