Parramatta Road

Parramatta Road is the major historical east-west artery of metropolitan Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, connecting the Sydney CBD with Parramatta. It is the easternmost part of the Great Western Highway. Since the 1980s its role has been augmented by the City West Link Road and M4 Motorway.

Parramatta Road

General information
Length23 km (14 mi)
Route number(s)
  • A22 (2013-present)
    (Chippendale-Summer Hill)
  • A44 (2013-present)
route number
see Former route allocations
Major junctions
East end Broadway
Chippendale, Sydney
West end Church Street
Granville, Sydney
Major suburbsUltimo, Chippendale, Glebe, Camperdown

The road begins in the east as a continuation of George Street, which becomes Broadway west of Harris St Ultimo, and Parramatta Road west of the City Road junction, and ends at the junction with Church Street in Parramatta. Its 23 kilometres (14 mi) distance is dominated by caryards and small marginally-viable shops. At the same time, however, it has over 100 abandoned and derelict stores.[1][2] Owing to this and its abrasively noisy traffic, it has rarely been considered beautiful.[3]

Opened in 1811, it is one of Sydney's oldest roads and Australia's first road between two cities (before Sydney and Parramatta coalesced). Today, over 3 million commuters every year drive Parramatta Road.[4] The road is the hub of Sydney's motor dealership industry - with 67% of the adjacent land used for motor retailing and services.

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