Party of United Pensioners of Serbia

The Party of United Pensioners of Serbia (Serbian: Партија уједињених пензионера Србије, romanized: Partija ujedinjenih penzionera Srbije; abbr. ПУПС or PUPS) is a political party in Serbia that advocates pensioners' interests.

Party of United Pensioners of Serbia
Партија уједињених пензионера Србије
Partija ujedinjenih penzionera Srbije
PresidentMilan Krkobabić
Deputy PresidentĐuro Perić
FounderJovan Krkobabić
FoundedMay 10, 2005 (2005-05-10)
HeadquartersTopličin venac 11, Belgrade
Membership (2015)100,000[1]
National affiliationFor Our Children
Colors  Red   White
National Assembly
9 / 250
Assembly of Vojvodina
3 / 120
City Assembly of Belgrade
4 / 110
Party flag

Founded in 2005 by Jovan Krkobabić and former members of the Socialist Party of Serbia, they were a part of the SPS-led coalition between 2008 and 2016 and since 2016 they have been a part of the SNS-led coalition. The party is currently led by Milan Krkobabić who has been the president since 2014.


Formation and early history

The party was formed on 10 May 2005, by Jovan Krkobabić and other pensioners who were previously members of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS) and its predecessor League of Communists of Serbia (SKS). They participated in the 2007 parliamentary election in a coalition with the Social Democratic Party that was led by Nebojša Čović and the Socialist People's Party. The coalition ended up getting 3.11% of the vote which at the time wasn't enough to enter the National Assembly.[4] In early 2008, they formed a coalition with SPS and United Serbia (JS) to participate in the 2008 parliamentary election.[5] The coalition placed fourth, winning 7.58% of the vote and 20 seats in the National Assembly while PUPS won 5 of the 20 coalition seats.[6]

Elections with SPS-JS coaliton

The SPS-PUPS-JS coalition formed a coalition government with the Democratic Party (DS) and Jovan Krkobabić then became the Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia, a role he would serve until his death in 2014.[7] Their coalition placed third in the 2012 parliamentary election with 14.51% of the vote and 44 seats and PUPS gained 7 more seats.[8] Jovan Krkobabić continued to serve his term as the Deputy Prime Minister after the formation of SNS-SPS government. In 2014, they participated again with the SPS-JS coalition[9] and they placed second with 13.49% of the vote and 44 seats in the National Assembly.[10]

SNS coalition and modern period

In 2016, the presidency of PUPS signed an agreement with SNS to join its pre-election coalition.[11] The SNS-led coalition placed first with 48.25% of the vote and 131 seats in the parliament while PUPS lost 3 seats.[12] The president of PUPS, Milan Krkobabić then became the Minister without portfolio. In 2020, they participated again with the SNS-led coalition which won 60.65% of the vote and 188 seats while PUPS' number of seats didn't change.[13] Krkobabić was then appointed as the Minister of Rural Welfare.[14]

Electoral results

Parliamentary elections

Year Leader Popular vote  % of popular vote # of seats Seat change Coalition Status
2007 Jovan Krkobabić 125,324 3.11%
0 / 250
With SDP no seats
2008 313,896 7.58%
5 / 250
5 With SPS-JS government
2012 567,689 14.51%
12 / 250
7 With SPS-JS government
2014 484,607 13.49%
12 / 250
With SPS-JS gov′t support
2016 Milan Krkobabić 1,823,147 48.25%
9 / 250
3 Around SNS government
2020 1,953,998 60.65%
9 / 250
Around SNS government

Presidential elections

President of Serbia
Year # Candidate 1st round votes % of popular vote 2nd round votes % of popular vote Notes
2008 4th Milutin Mrkonjić 245,889 5.97% Support
2012 3rd Ivica Dačić 556,013 14.23% Support
2017 1st Aleksandar Vučić 2,012,788 55.05% Support


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