Parus Business Centre

The Parus Business Centre (Ukrainian: Бізнес Центр «Парус») is a 34-story class-A[8] office building in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. It is located at the very centre of the city, between Mechnikova St. and Lesi Ukrainky Blvd. (municipal address: 2, Mechnikova St.).[9]

Parus Business Centre
General information
LocationKyiv, Ukraine
Coordinates50°26′15.49″N 30°31′37.87″E
Construction started2004
Costca. $100,000,000[2]
Antenna spire156 m (512 ft)[3]
Roof136 m (446 ft)[3]
Technical details
Floor count34 [3][4]
Floor area69,020 m2 (742,900 sq ft)[a][3][4]
Lifts/elevators8 + 1 fire and freight elevators [5]
Design and construction
ArchitectS. Babushkin and A. Komarovskyi[4]
DeveloperMandaryn Plaza Ltd.[6]
Main contractorOsnova-Solsif [7]

At its opening in 2007 the Parus Business Centre was the highest building it the country, as of 2018 it remains the third highest.

Construction of the building began in 2004, and ended in February 2007.[6] Apart from its main office use 50,400 m2 (543,000 sq ft), the property features some 2,400 m2 (26,000 sq ft) of retail space and around 2,700 m2 (29,000 sq ft) of cafes and restaurants[4] and a 4-story underground parking garage with a capacity for 300 cars.[6]

While still on the construction stage, the project was also known as "Elsburg Plaza" (Ukrainian: «Ельсбург Плаза»),[10] but was later renamed to "Parus" (literally translated as "sail") ostensibly because of building's oval-like shape, resembling sail of a ship.[citation needed]

In July 2008, Kontrakty, Ukrainian business weekly,[11] rated top 10 most expensive offices in Kyiv.[12] Parus was top of the chart in terms of annual rental income, which stood at some $50 million.[12]

Major tenants at Parus include McKinsey & Company, Concorde Capital,[13] an investment bank; TNK-BP,[14] an oil company; Olimp,[15] Ukrainian spirits company; Delin Development,[16] a real estate development company; Interpipe,[12] steel pipes producer and others. Colliers International, a commercial real estate services company, was an exclusive leasing agent for Parus.

Parus was developed and is owned by "Mandaryn Plaza Ltd." (Ukrainian: ЗАТ «Мандарин Плаза»), a joint-stock company, prominent for its homonymous high-end shopping center in the center of Kyiv.[citation needed] From 2007 to 2016 the building was owned by Ukrainian businessman, Dmytro Firtash.[17]


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a. ^ The figure is the total area of ground floors only. The total gross building area (GBA) of Parus, including underground parking garage comes to ca. 75,000 sqm (ca. 807,300 sqf).


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