Patball is a non-contact competitive ball game played in many forms using one's hands or head to hit the ball against a wall the objective being to get the succeeding player out. The game is popular in school playgrounds during break-time. Patball is played with a tennis ball, or other similar-sized specific patball, and the preferred hand, rather than any form of racquet or bat, similar to wallball[disambiguation needed]. The hand is used to "pat" the ball at the wall or at the opponent with the objective of making the ball un-returnable, similar to squash. Variations of the game include the use of the foot -'footies' or 'Devils' touch'; a semi-contact rule popularised at Coopers Technology College.

A Black Patball
Nicknames"Pattball", "Wallball", "Slapball"
Contactlimited to none
Team membersone person per team, each team competes against the others
Mixed genderyes
TypeCompeting sport, ball sport
Equipmentwall/court, hand, tennis ball/patball
Venueschool playground, Patball court

It is very popular among London public schools, most notably, private schools such as Dulwich College[1] and Dulwich Hamlet.