Chief Patkanim (variously spelled Pat-ka-nam or Pat Kanim; possibly from Southern Lushootseed: p̓əƛ̓qidəb) was chief of the Snoqualmoo (Snoqualmie) and Snohomish tribe in what is now modern Washington state.

Chief Patkanim (Circa 1855)

During the 1850s, he lived at the largest village of his people located at tultxʷ, a fishing village at the confluence of the Tolt and Snoqualmie rivers (today, Carnation, Washington) in a complex containing sixteen longhouses.[1] He was the dominant power from Whidbey Island to Snoqualmie Pass, between what is today British Columbia and King County, Washington[2] According to historian Bill Speidel, his was the major Indian power on Puget Sound, in no small part due to control of Snoqualmie Pass and therefore the profitable trade between the tribes on either side.[3]

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