Paul Miki

Paul Miki (Japanese: パウロ三木 (Pauro Miki (三木 means "three wood")); c. 1562[1] – 5 February 1597) was a Roman Catholic Japanese Jesuit seminarian, martyr and saint, one of the Twenty-six Martyrs of Japan.

Saint Paul Miki
Statue of Miki, bearing stylised depictions of the instruments of his death, in St Martin's Church in Bamberg, Germany.
Jesuit and Martyr
Bornc. 1562
Settsu County, Japan
Died5 February 1597 (aged 34–35)
Nagasaki, Japan
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Beatified14 September 1627 by Pope Urban VIII
Canonized8 June 1862 by Pope Pius IX
Feast6 February
Attributespalm, cross, spear