Treaty of Fredrikshamn

The Treaty of Fredrikshamn or the Treaty of Hamina (Finnish: Haminan rauha, Swedish: Freden i Fredrikshamn, Russian: Фридрихсгамский мирный договор) was a peace treaty concluded between Sweden and Russia on 17 September 1809. The treaty concluded the Finnish War and was signed in the Finnish town of Hamina (Swedish: Fredrikshamn). Russia was represented by Nikolai Rumyantsev and David Alopaeus (Russian ambassador to Stockholm), while Sweden by Infantry General Kurt von Stedingk (former Swedish ambassador to Petersburg) and Colonel Anders Fredrik Skjöldebrand.[1]

Treaty of Fredrikshamn
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Signed17 September 1809 (1809-09-17)
LocationFredrikshamn, Russia
Map showing territory changes at the end of the Finnish War. Modern country boundaries are indicated by dotted red lines.