Peacock Alley (jazz club)

Peacock Alley was one of St. Louis's most important jazz clubs in the 1950s.[2][3] It was located in the former Mill Creek Valley neighborhood at 2935 Lawton Boulevard (the street no longer exists).[2] It was close to Union Station, so it was favored among musicians due to the proximity.[2] The venue was initially opened in 1944 in the basement of Midtown Hotel as the Glass Bar.[2] In 1955, the Glass Bar was remodeled and renamed to Peacock Alley.[2][4] Some sources report that it was located in Gaslight Square, although this is incorrect.[5] It attracted performances from Miles Davis, John Coltrane, the Chet Baker Quartet, J.J. Johnson, Max Roach, Kai Winding, Art Blakey and many others.[2]

City Hospital #2 at 2945 Lawton Boulevard in 1920. The building was adjoined to Centenary Hospital, built in 1902; eventually, this building would be the Midtown Hotel which housed Peacock Alley.[1]

It closed in the 1960s.

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