Penal Colony (band)

Penal Colony were an electro-industrial outfit based in the Inland Empire section of Southern California, and fronted by Dee Madden. The original incarnation consisted of Madden, Jason Hubbard, Andy Shaw and Chris Shinkus.

Penal Colony
OriginInland Empire, California, US
Years active1992–2003
LabelsCleopatra, Zoth Ommog
Past membersJason Hubbard
Dee Madden
Andy Shaw
Chris Shinkus
Justin Bennett
William Skye
Paris Sadonis

The touring lineup of the band featured Paris Sadonis of Premature Ejaculation, Shadow Project, EXP and Involution, William Skye of London After Midnight, and Justin Bennett of Skinny Puppy, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult, Nivek Ogre, Pigface and Bahntier.

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