People's Democratic Front (Romania)

The People's Democratic Front (Romanian: Frontul Democrației Populare, FDP, Hungarian: Országos Demokrata Arcvonal) was a political alliance in Romania from 1944 to 1966, dominated by the Romanian Communist Party (PCR). It formed the government of Romania from 1946 to 1966.

People's Democratic Front
Frontul Democrației Populare
LeaderAnton Alexandrescu,
Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej,
Petru Groza,
Gyárfás Kurkó,
M. H. Maxy,
Lothar Rădăceanu,
Gheorghe Vlădescu-Răcoasa,
Ștefan Voitec
FoundedOctober 1944
(as National Democratic Front)
Succeeded byFront of Socialist Unity
IdeologyBig tent
Left-wing populism
Internal factions:
  Agrarian socialism
  Social democracy
  Left-wing nationalism
(Romanian; Hungarian)
Political positionCenter-left to far-left
Colours  Sky blue
    Blue, Yellow, Red (Romanian flag)