People's republic

People's republic is an official title used by some currently or formerly communist or left-wing states.[1] It is mainly associated with soviet republics, socialist states following people's democracy, sovereign states with a democratic-republican constitution usually mentioning socialism, or simply a title used by a given country.

Map of people's republic states:

A number of the short-lived socialist states which formed during World War I and its aftermath called themselves people's republics. Many of these sprang up in the territory of the former Russian Empire which collapsed following the Russian Revolution of 1917. Additional people's republics emerged following the Allied victory in World War II, mainly within the Soviet Union's Eastern Bloc.

As a term, it is associated with socialist states as well as communist countries adhering to Marxism–Leninism, although its use is not unique to such states. A number of republics with liberal democratic political systems such as Algeria and Bangladesh adopted the title, given its rather generic nature, after popular wars of independence. Nonetheless, they usually mention socialism in their constitutions.