China–Romania relations

Sino–Romanian relations between Romania and China began on July 5, 1939.

Sino-Romanian relations



Following the Communists taking power in 1947, the Romanian People's Republic began recognizing the People's Republic of China on October 5, 1949, as the legal authority in China and exchanged ambassadors for the first time in March 1950.

The PRC operates an embassy in Bucharest and a consulate general in Constanța. Romania has an embassy in Beijing and 2 consulate general in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The ROC, however, has no official diplomatic relations with Romania, though it is represented by Hungary via the Hungarian Trade Office in Taipei and the ROC through the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Budapest.

In 2015, Romania signed an agreement with China General Nuclear Power Group for assistance in building civil nuclear power stations.[1] Romania cancelled the deal in 2020.[2][3]

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