Personal ordinariate

A personal ordinariate, sometimes called a "personal ordinariate for former Anglicans"[1][2] or more informally an "Anglican ordinariate",[3] is a canonical structure within the Catholic Church established in order to enable "groups of Anglicans"[4] to join the Catholic Church while preserving elements of their liturgical and spiritual patrimony.

Created in accordance with the apostolic constitution Anglicanorum coetibus of 4 November 2009[5][6][7][8] and its complementary norms,[9] the ordinariates are juridically equivalent to a diocese, "a particular church in which and from which exists the one and unique Catholic Church",[10] but may be erected in the same territory as other dioceses "by reason of the rite of the faithful or some similar reason".[10]

Three primarily Anglophone ordinariates were established between 2011 and 2012: