Philip the Bold

Philip II the Bold (French: Philippe II le Hardi; Dutch: Filips de Stoute; 17 January 1342 – 27 April 1404) was Duke of Burgundy and jure uxoris Count of Flanders, Artois and Burgundy. He was the fourth and youngest son of King John II of France and Bonne of Luxembourg.[1]

Philip II the Bold
Later copy of an early 15th-century portrait of Philip, possibly by Jean Malouel
Duke of Burgundy
Reign1363 – 27 April 1404
PredecessorJohn the Good
SuccessorJohn the Fearless
Born17 January 1342
Pontoise, France
Died27 April 1404 (aged 62)
Halle, County of Hainaut
(m. 1369)
among others
FatherJohn II of France
MotherBonne of Bohemia

Philip II was the founder of the Burgundian branch of the House of Valois. His vast collection of territories made him the undisputed premier peer of the Kingdom of France and made his successors formidable subjects, and later rivals, of the kings of France.

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