Pirate Party (Spain)

The Pirate Party (Spanish: Partido Pirata; short: PIRATA, "Pirate") is a political party in Spain based on the model of the Swedish Pirate Party. It was registered by the Ministry of Interior on 6 December 2006.

Pirate Party
Partido Pirata (PIRATA)
PresidentDaniel Alfredo Bonfils[1]
Secretary-GeneralRicardo Senovilla[1]
TreasurerFergus Reig[1]
Founded6 December 2006
HeadquartersAv. de los Reyes de España N° 38
E-30.612 Ulea (Murcia)
IdeologyPirate politics
Freedom of information
Direct democracy
International affiliationPirate Parties International
Local Government
3 / 67,611

The party pays attention to citizen's rights and freedom,[3] proposes a reform of the Information Society Services Law of Spain (Spanish: Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de Información de España - LSSI), and proposes the creation of appropriate legislation for RFID. Furthermore, the party requests the accessibility of culture, and the consideration of the Internet as a basic and neutral service. PIRATA opposes any kind of Internet censorship, as well as any charges on digital media and the Internet. The party favors a declination of private monopolies and software patents. The party also proposes the use of free software in the administration.

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