Pirate Party of Norway

Piratpartiet (Norwegian for The Pirate Party of Norway) is a Norwegian political party which was founded in 2012. Its basic principles are "full transparency in state management, privacy on the internet, as well as better use of IT and technology to make a better democracy".[3] On 17 December 2012 they announced that they had collected the 5,000 signatures required by law to register a political party and take part in the next general election. The party is a part of the Pirate Parties International.[4]

Pirate Party
LeaderSvein Mork Dahl
Founded16 December 2012 (2012-12-16)[1]
Youth wingUnge Pirater
Membership (2017)107[2]
IdeologyPirate politics
European affiliationEuropean Pirate Party
International affiliationPirate Parties International
ColorsBlack Orange
0 / 169
County councils
0 / 777
Municipal councils
0 / 10,620
Sámi Parliament
0 / 39

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