Pisidia (/pɪˈsɪdiə/; Greek: Πισιδία, Pisidía; Turkish: Pisidya) was a region of ancient Asia Minor located north of Lycia, bordering Caria, Lydia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, and corresponding roughly to the modern-day province of Antalya in Turkey. Among Pisidia's settlements were Antioch(ia) in Pisidia, Termessos, Cremna, Sagalassos, Etenna, Neapolis, Selge, Tyriacum, Laodiceia Katakekaumene and Philomelium.

Pisidia (Πισιδία)
Ancient Region of Anatolia
Theatre of Termessos
LocationSouthern Anatolia
State existed-
Notable citiesTermessos, Sagalassos
Roman provinceAsia, Galatia
Anatolia/Asia Minor in the Greco-Roman period. The classical regions, including Pisidia, and their main settlements.