Plaine Savo massacre

Plaine Savo massacre

2022 mass murder in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

On 2 February 2022, over 60 civilians from the Hema ethnic group[2] were killed in a massacre in Djugu territory, Ituri Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.[3]

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During the early hours, CODECO insurgents armed with machetes and edged weapons[4] attacked Plaine Savo, a camp for internally displaced people in the northeast of the country in which around 4,000 people live.[3] Forces from the Congolese military made contact with the CODECO militia prior to the attack but were bypassed when the assailants changed direction.[5]

"I first heard cries when I was still in bed. Then several minutes of gunshots. I fled and I saw torches and people crying for help and I realised it was the CODECO militiamen who had invaded our site." – Local resident[4]

Four people, including the chief of the Bahema N’adhere community, were hospitalized.[4]

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