Plataea or Plataia (/pləˈtə/; Ancient Greek: Πλάταια), also Plataeae or Plataiai (/pləˈt/; Ancient Greek: Πλαταιαί), was an ancient city, located in Greece in southeastern Boeotia, south of Thebes.[1] It was the location of the Battle of Plataea in 479 BC, in which an alliance of Greek city-states defeated the Persians.

View of Plataea, and the battlefield of the Battle of Plataea.
Plataies and Plataea
Modern Plataies and ruins of the city of Plataea.
Topographical map of the ruins of Plataea.
Part of the wall of Plataeae

Plataea was destroyed in the Peloponnesian War by Thebes and Sparta in 427 BC, and rebuilt in 386. The modern Greek town of Plataies is built near its ruins.