Plutonium-239 (239Pu or Pu-239) is an isotope of plutonium. Plutonium-239 is the primary fissile isotope used for the production of nuclear weapons, although uranium-235 is also used for that purpose. Plutonium-239 is also one of the three main isotopes demonstrated usable as fuel in thermal spectrum nuclear reactors, along with uranium-235 and uranium-233. Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,110 years.[1]

Plutonium-239, 239Pu
A 99.96% pure ring of plutonium
Namesplutonium-239, Pu-239
Protons (Z)94
Neutrons (N)145
Nuclide data
Half-life (t1/2)24110 years
Isotope mass239.0521634 Da
Parent isotopes243Cm (α)
239Am (EC)
239Np (β)
Decay products235U
Decay modes
Decay modeDecay energy (MeV)
Alpha decay5.156
Isotopes of plutonium
Complete table of nuclides

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