Polish Land Forces

The Land Forces (Polish: Wojska Lądowe) are a military branch of the Polish Armed Forces. They currently contain some 62,000[1] active personnel and form many components of the European Union and NATO deployments around the world. Poland's recorded military history stretches back a millennium – since the 10th century (see List of Polish wars and History of the Polish Army), but Poland's modern army was formed after the country regained independence following World War I in 1918.

Land Forces
Wojska Lądowe
TypeGround forces
Size62,000 military[1]
800 tanks
5,000 IFV/APC
280 helicopters[2]
Part ofPolish Armed Forces
March"Marsz Pierwszej Brygady" (English: "March of the First Brigade")
EngagementsPolish–Ukrainian War
Polish–Czechoslovak War
Polish–Soviet War
Polish–Lithuanian War
World War II
War in Iraq
War in Afghanistan
EU Force Chad/CAR
Chief of the General Staffgen. broni Rajmund Andrzejczak
General Commandergen. broni Jarosław Mika
Inspector of the Land Forcesgen. bryg. Wojciech Grabowski
Banner of the Commander in Chief