Polish Episcopal Conference

The Polish Episcopal Conference or Polish Bishops' Conference (Polish: Konferencja Episkopatu Polski) is the central organ of the Catholic Church in Poland. It is composed of 3 cardinals, 32 archbishops and 122 bishops.

    Secretariat of the Polish Episcopal Conference building at 6 Stefan Wyszyński Square in Warsaw


    • Presidium
    • Commissions (only bishops can be members)
      • for the Doctrine of the Faith – head abp Stanisław Budzik
      • for Catholic Education – head bp Wojciech Osial
      • for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments – head bp Adam Bałabuch
      • for the Clergy – head abp Wojciech Polak
      • for Christian ministry – head abp Wiktor Skworc
      • for Missions – head bp Jerzy Mazur
      • Charity – head bp Wiesław Szlachetka
      • for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life – head bp Jacek Kiciński
      • Marian – head abp Wacław Depo
      • Bishops and religious superiors – head bp Artur Miziński
      • for Polish diaspora – head bp Wiesław Lechowicz
      • Revisions – head abp Stanisław Budzik
    • Councils (priests, religious and lay members allowed)
      • for Family – head bp Wiesław Śmigiel
      • Science – head abp Marek Jędraszewski
      • for Ecumenism – head bp Jacek Jezierski
      • for Inter-Religious Dialogue – head bp Rafał Markowski
      • for the Laity – head bp Adrian Galbas
      • for Society problems – head abp Józef Kupny
      • for the Pastoral Care of Youth – head bp Marek Solarczyk
      • for Culture and Cultural Heritage – head bp Michał Janocha
      • for Social Communications – head abp Wacław Depo
      • for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerants – head bp Krzysztof Zadarko
      • Law – head bp Ryszard Kasyna
      • Economical – head bp Jan Piotrowski
    • Teams (priests, religious and lay members allowed)
      • for contacts with French Episcopal Conference – head bp Jan Piotrowski
      • for contacts with Lithuanian Episcopal Conference – head bp Romuald Kamiński
      • for contacts with German Episcopal Conference – head bp Jan Kopiec
      • for contacts with Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church – head bp Marian Rojek
      • for contacts with Polish Ecumenical Council – head bp Jacek Jezierski
      • for help Catholic Church in East – head bp Antoni Dydycz
      • for contacts with Russian Orthodox Church – head abp Wojciech Polak
      • for Scholarships – head bp Andrzej Dziuba
      • for Dialogue – bp Marian Rojek, bp Roman Pindel, bp Krzysztof Nitkiewicz, bp Jacek Jezierski, bp Henryk Wejman
      • for Alcohol Abstinence – head bp Tadeusz Bronakowski
      • for programmed television transmission of Masses – head abp Józef Górzyński
      • for Enthronement of Christ movements – head bp Andrzej Czaja
      • for the Pastoral Care of Health Care Workers – head bp Romuald Kamiński
      • Bioethics – head bp Józef Wróbel
      • for Sanctuary – head bp Henryk Ciereszko
      • for the Pastoral Care of Radio Maryja – head bp Wiesław Śmigiel
      • for Promoting the New Evangelization – head abp Grzegorz Ryś
      • for novelization Polish Episcopal Conference regulations – head bp Krzysztof Wętkowski
    • Press office
      • Fr. Leszek Gęsiak SI
    • Concordat commission
      • bp Artur Miziński



    Secretaries general

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