Pomponius Mela

Pomponius Mela, who wrote around AD 43, was the earliest Roman geographer. He was born in Tingentera (now Algeciras) and died c. AD 45.[1]

Reconstruction of Pomponius Mela's world map by Konrad Miller (1898).
Pomponius Mela's description of Europe (F. Nansen, 1911)

His short work (De situ orbis libri III.) remained in use nearly to the year 1500.[2] It occupies less than one hundred pages of ordinary print, and is described by the Encyclopædia Britannica (1911) as "dry in style and deficient in method, but of pure Latinity, and occasionally relieved by pleasing word-pictures."[3] Except for the geographical parts of Pliny's Historia naturalis (where Mela is cited as an important authority), the De situ orbis is the only formal treatise on the subject in Classical Latin.