Pope John XII

Pope John XII (Latin: Ioannes XII; c. 930/937  14 May 964), born Octavian, was the bishop of Rome and ruler of the Papal States from 16 December 955 to his death in 964. He was related to the counts of Tusculum, a powerful Roman family which had dominated papal politics for over half a century. He became pope in his late teenage years or early twenties. In 960, he clashed with the Lombards to the south. Unable to control Rome easily, he sought help from King Otto I of Germany and crowned him emperor. John XII's pontificate became infamous for the alleged depravity and worldliness with which he conducted his office. He soon fell out with Otto, but died before Otto succeeded in his attempt to depose him.


John XII
Bishop of Rome
ChurchCatholic Church
Papacy began16 December 955
Papacy ended14 May 964
PredecessorAgapetus II
SuccessorBenedict V
Personal details

c. 930/937
Died14 May 964 (aged c. 27  34)
Rome, Papal States
Other popes named John

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