Pope Leo III

Pope Leo III (Latin: Leo; fl. 12 June 816) was the bishop of Rome and ruler of the Papal States from 26 December 795 to his death. Protected by Charlemagne from the supporters of his predecessor, Adrian I, Leo subsequently strengthened Charlemagne's position by crowning him emperor. The coronation was not approved in Constantinople, although the Byzantines, occupied with their own defenses, were in no position to offer much opposition.

Pope Saint

Bishop of Rome
ChurchCatholic Church
Papacy began27 December 795
Papacy ended12 June 816
PredecessorAdrian I
SuccessorStephen IV
Created cardinalby Adrian I
Personal details
Rome, Exarchate of Ravenna, Eastern Roman Empire
Died(816-06-12)12 June 816 (aged 66)
Rome, Papal States
Previous post(s)Cardinal-Priest of Santa Susanna
Feast day12 June
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