Poppo II, Margrave of Carniola

Poppo II (died 1098), Count of Weimar-Orlamünde, was margrave of Carniola from 1070 and of Istria from 1096 to his death.


Poppo was the son of Margrave Ulric I of Carniola, whom he succeeded upon his death in 1070. His mother Sophia was a daughter of King Béla I of Hungary. He was thus of royal blood.

He married Richgard (lt: Richardis), daughter of Count Engelbert of Sponheim (de), who governed Istria until his death on 1 April 1096. According to the 1170 Historia Welforum chronicle, Poppo and Richgard had two daughters:

Poppo remained a loyal supporter of the Salian emperor Henry IV during the Investiture Controversy. Because of his lack of surviving sons, he was succeeded by his younger brother Ulric II.


Preceded by Margrave of Carniola
Succeeded by
Preceded by Margrave of Istria
Succeeded by

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