Populated places in Ukraine

Populated place in Ukraine (Ukrainian: Населений пункт) is structural element of human settling system, a stationary settlement, territorially integral compact area of population concentration basic and important feature of which is permanent human habitation.[1] Populated places in Ukraine are systematized into two major categories: urban and rural.[2] Urban populated places can be either cities or urban settlements, while rural populated places can be either villages or rural settlements. According to the 2001 Ukrainian Census there are 1,344 urban populated places and 28,621 rural populated places in Ukraine.

All populated places are governed by their municipality (usually a council or a territorial state administration), may it be a village, a city or any settlement. A municipality may consist of one or several populated places and is either a constituent part of a raion (city of district significance, settlement council, or rural council) or separated from its surrounding raion becoming the equivalent of a raion (city of regional significance). Certain city municipalities may be constituents of an oblast (province) or the whole Ukraine such as Kyiv or Sevastopol. Kyiv and Sevastopol are the only populated places that also have local state administrations.

Beside regular populated places in Ukraine that are part of administrative division and population census, there are several additional categories for populated places that are used for other purposes. Among such categories are mountainous populated places, historic populated places, and others.