Port Francqui incident

The Port Francqui incident, also known as the Port Francqui massacre, was an incident during the Congo Crisis where rogue Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (ANC) forces engaged in combat with UN peacekeepers, primarily from Ghana.[1][2][3][4]

Port Francqui incident
Part of the Congo Crisis
DateApril 28, 1961
Result ANC victory
Democratic Republic of the Congo ANC

United Nations ONUC


Ghana 2 platoons
1 reconnaissance detachment

Port Francqui:
Ghana 90
Sweden 3
United Kingdom 2
Casualties and losses
2 killed

Ghana 1 killed
3 wounded

Port Francqui:
Ghana 43 killed
Sweden 2 executed
United Kingdom 2 executed

It resulted in the largest loss of life the Ghanaian Armed Forces have ever suffered while peacekeeping.

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