Porter Bibb

Porter Bibb (born c. 1937, Louisville, Kentucky)[2] is an American financier, media producer, and writer. He is best known as the first publisher of Rolling Stone magazine.[3]

Porter Bibb
Born1937 (age 8384)
Alma materYale University
OccupationInvestment banker
Known forjournalist, publisher, film producer, author
Spouse(s)Alexandra Penn Bibb [1]


Bibb began his career is an investment banker specializing in media, entertainment, and technology ventures. He founded the first investment banking boutique in London [who?] in 1962.[citation needed] He worked on the team that began Bankers Trust's investment banking unit in 1977,[citation needed] which completed over 300 media and entertainment transactions in five years.[citation needed] For over 15 years, he was a senior partner and director of investment banking at Ladenburg Thalmann.[when?][citation needed]

Bibb attended Louisville Male High School and was a member of the Athenaeum Literary Association, a school-sponsored literary and social club. There he got to know another club member, Hunter S. Thompson, who would become an influential counterculture journalist.[4]

Bibb convinced Albert and David Maysles to film the 1969 Woodstock Festival despite the bad weather and the withdrawal of Warner Bros.' financial backing.[3][5] Bibb also convinced The Rolling Stones to perform at the Altamont Free Concert in 1969, and he produced the 1970 documentary film of the event, Gimme Shelter.[3][6]

As a journalist, Bibb was a White House correspondent for Newsweek magazine,[when?][citation needed] the first publisher of Rolling Stone magazine,[when?][citation needed] and a corporate development director for The New York Times Company.[when?] He wrote the author of several books, including a best-selling biography of Ted Turner (Random House, 1993 and 1997).

He graduated from Yale University with a B.A. in History and earned graduate certificates from the Harvard Business School and London School of Economics.

Bibb is a direct descendant of the first two governors of Alabama: William Wyatt Bibb (1781–1820) and Thomas Bibb (1783–1839).[3]

Books authored

  • CB Bible, Doubleday, 1976
  • Disco Inferno: An Illustrated Novel, Dolphin, 1979
  • It Ain't As Easy As It Looks: Ted Turner's Amazing Story, Crown, 1993


  • Gimme Shelter (1970) – associate producer
  • Year of the Woman (1973) – producer


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