Porvoo Communion

The Porvoo Communion is a communion of 15 predominantly northern European Anglican and Evangelical Lutheran churches, with a couple of far-southwestern European (in the Iberian Peninsula) church bodies of the same denomination. It was established in 1992 by a theological agreement entitled the Porvoo Common Statement which establishes full communion between and among these churches.[1] The agreement was negotiated in the town of Järvenpää in Finland, but the communion's name comes from the nearby city of Porvoo, where a joint Eucharist (or Holy Communion) was celebrated in Porvoo Cathedral after the formal signing in Järvenpää.

Countries with churches of the Porvoo Communion. The names of churches in the Anglican Communion are magenta coloured (or pink color), those established after the First Vatican Council of the Roman Catholic Church in 1868-1870 are in blue (or violet); the names of Nordic Lutheran churches (Scandinavia and Baltic area) are red.