Postage (album)

Postage was released in 2003 as an in depth synopsis of Supergroove's output. Whilst it is the band's Greatest Hits collection there were a number of songs on the album, predominantly from singles, which had not been previously released on any of the band's earlier albums and EPs. Noticeable inclusions are "Sex Police", "Here Comes The Supergroove" and a new remix by New Zealand Hip Hop producer P-Money.

Postage: The Best Of Supergroove
Greatest hits album by
Funk rock
LabelBMG Music
Supergroove chronology
Postage: The Best Of Supergroove

The original 2003 release included a second disc of remixed tracks and live recordings of some of their most well known songs during their mid 1990s peak. This was deleted the following year and replaced with an abbreviated single disc version.

When the band reformed in 2007 initially to support Crowded House and then for their own tours in 2008 a third version of the album was released with revised packaging and track listing as well as a new bonus disc, a DVD containing 11 of the band's music videos.

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