Postal, telegraph and telephone service

A postal, telegraph, and telephone service (or PTT) is a government agency responsible for postal mail, telegraph, and telephone services. Such monopolies existed in many countries, though not in North America or Japan. Many PTTs have been partially or completely privatised in recent years. In some of these privatisations, the PTT was renamed completely (such as KPN in the Netherlands, Orange S.A. in France, BT Group in the United Kingdom, Swisscom in Switzerland, Telstra in Australia, Spark in New Zealand, Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, A1 Telekom Austria Group in Austria, TDC Group in Denmark, Telia Company in Sweden and Finland, Telenor in Norway, Singtel in Singapore and Síminn in Iceland), whereas in others, the name of the privatised corporation has been only slightly modified, such as PT Telkom in Indonesia, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, Kosovo Telecom in Kosovo, Telekom Malaysia in Malaysia and Post Luxembourg in Luxembourg.

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