Prefectures of China

Prefectures, formally a kind of prefecture-level divisions as a term in the context of China, are used to refer to several unrelated political divisions in both ancient and modern China. There are 339 prefecture-level divisions in China. They include 7 prefectures, 299 prefecture-level cities, 30 autonomous prefectures and 3 leagues. Other than provincial level divisions, prefectural level divisions are not mentioned in the Chinese constitution.

Prefecture-level divisions
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese地级行政区
Traditional Chinese地級行政區
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese地区
Traditional Chinese地區
Tibetan name
Zhuang name
Mongolian name
Mongolian CyrillicTranslate as League (盟)
Uyghur name
Manchu name
Manchu scriptᠪᠠ
former name (1949-1971)
Chinese name
Simplified Chinese专级行政区
Traditional Chinese專級行政區
former name (1949-1971)
Simplified Chinese专区
Traditional Chinese專區
former name (1932-1949)
Simplified Chinese行政督察区
Traditional Chinese行政督察區
Tibet only (1910-1960)
Tibetan name

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