Premier of Queensland

The premier of Queensland is the head of government in the Australian state of Queensland.

Premier of Queensland
Annastacia Palaszczuk

since 14 February 2015
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
StatusHead of Government
Member of
Reports toParliament
Seat1 William Street, Brisbane
AppointerGovernor of Queensland
by convention, based on appointee's ability to command confidence in the Legislative Assembly
Term lengthAt the Governor's pleasure
contingent on the premier's ability to command confidence in the house of Parliament
Constituting instrumentNone (constitutional convention)
Formation10 December 1859
First holderRobert Herbert
DeputyDeputy Premier of Queensland
SalaryAU$469,367 (as of 1 September 2021)[1][lower-alpha 1]

By convention the premier is the leader of the party with a parliamentary majority in the unicameral Legislative Assembly of Queensland. The premier is appointed by the Governor of Queensland.

The incumbent premier of Queensland since the 2015 election is Annastacia Palaszczuk of the Labor Party.

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