List of heads of state of Mauritania

This is a list of heads of state of Mauritania since the country gained independence from France in 1960 to the present day.

President of the
Islamic Republic of Mauritania
رئيس الجمهورية الإسلامية الموريتانية
Président de la République Islamique de la Mauritanie
Mohamed Ould Ghazouani

since 1 August 2019
ResidencePresidential Palace, Nouakchott
Term length5 years, renewable once
Inaugural holderMoktar Ould Daddah
Formation20 August 1961
Salary300,000 USD annually[1][2]

A total of eight people have served as head of state of Mauritania (not counting one Acting President). Additionally, one person, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, has served on two non-consecutive occasions.

The current head of state of Mauritania is the President of the Republic Mohamed Ould Ghazouani, since 1 August 2019.[3][4]

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