Prime Minister's Official Spokesperson

The prime minister's official spokesperson or alternatively prime minister's official spokesman/spokeswoman is a position in the United Kingdom's Civil Service, located in the Prime Minister's Office in 10 Downing Street and used by the British prime minister to convey information to the public. The prime minister's official spokesperson usually addresses a small group of press and media correspondents, known as lobby correspondents, each morning to deliver statements on current events on behalf of the prime minister.

Prime Minister's Official Spokesperson
Royal Arms as used by Her Majesty's Government
Max Blain

since 1 April 2021
Prime Minister's Office
AppointerPrime minister
Website10 Downing Street

James Slack was appointed as the prime minister's official spokesperson on 10 February 2017.[1] He remained in the post after Boris Johnson took over the government on 24 July 2019.[2] In December 2020 it was announced that at the beginning of 2021 Slack would succeed Lee Cain as Downing Street Director of Communications, it was subsequently announced on 9 February 2021 that Max Blain had been appointed as the Prime Minister's Official Spokesperson and would start in the post in April 2021.[3]

List of prime minister's spokespeople

Spokesperson Years Prime minister
Alastair Campbell[4] 1997–2001 Tony Blair
Godric Smith[5] 2001–2004
Tom Kelly[6] 2004–2007
Michael Ellam[7][8] 2007–2009 Gordon Brown
Simon Lewis[9] 2009–2010
Steve Field[10][11] 2010–2012 David Cameron
Jean-Christophe Gray[12] 2012–2015
Helen Bower[13] 2015–2017
James Slack[1] Theresa May
Boris Johnson
Jamie Davies (Acting) 2021
Max Blain[3] 2021–


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