Prime Minister of France

The Prime Minister of France (French: Premier ministre français) is the head of government of France. Under the Third and Fourth Republics, the officeholder was formally called President of the Council of Ministers (French: Président du Conseil des ministres), generally shortened to President of the Council (French: Président du Conseil). When the Fifth Republic was established, the presidency of the Council of Ministers was declared incumbent to the President of France.

Prime Minister of France
Premier ministre de la République française
Jean Castex

since 3 July 2020
StatusHead of government
Member ofCouncil of Ministers
Council of State
National Defence and Security Council
Reports toPresident of the French Republic
and to Parliament
ResidenceHôtel de Matignon
AppointerPresident of France
Term lengthNo fixed term
Remains in office while commanding the confidence of the National Assembly
Constituting instrumentConstitution of France
PrecursorSeveral incarnations since the Ancien Régime
Inaugural holderMichel Debré
Formation4 October 1958
Salary€178,920 annually[1]

The Prime Minister is the holder of the second highest office in France. The President, who appoints but cannot dismiss the Prime Minister, can ask for their resignation. The Government of France, including the Prime Minister, can be dismissed by the National Assembly. Upon appointment the Prime Minister proposes a list of ministers to the President. Decrees and decisions signed by the Prime Minister, like almost all executive decisions, are subject to the oversight of the administrative court system. Some decrees are taken after advice from the Council of State (French: Conseil d'État), over which the Prime Minister is entitled to preside. Ministers defend the programmes of their ministries to the Prime Minister, who makes budgetary choices. The extent to which those decisions lie with the Prime Minister or President often depends upon whether they are of the same political party.

Jean Castex was appointed Prime Minister of France by President Emmanuel Macron on 3 July 2020. He presented his government three days later.