Primitive Irish

Primitive Irish or Archaic Irish[1] (Irish: Gaeilge Ársa), also called Proto-Goidelic,[2][3][4][5] is the oldest known form of the Goidelic languages. It is known only from fragments, mostly personal names, inscribed on stone in the ogham alphabet in Ireland and western Great Britain between the 4th and the 6th century AD.[6]

Primitive Irish
Archaic Irish
Ogham stone from Ratass Church, 6th century AD. It reads: [A]NM SILLANN MAQ VATTILLOGG
("name of Sílán son of Fáithloga")
Native toIreland, Isle of Man, western coast of Britain
RegionIreland and Britain
EraEvolved into Old Irish about the 6th century AD
Language codes
ISO 639-3pgl
Map of locations where orthodox ogham inscriptions have been found.

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