Pro-independence movements in the Russian Civil War

Pro-independence movements in the Russian Civil War within the territory of the former Russian Empire sought the creation of independent and non-Bolshevik nation states after the October Revolution. They were often supported politically or militarily by the Entente Powers. Some of them co-operated with the Russian White movement, but others fought it. Many pro-independence movements emerged after the fall of the Russian Empire and fought in the Russian Civil War.[1]

The following list presents some of the pro-independence movements and the conflicts they were involved in during this period.

Western periphery

Finnish Civil War
Viena expedition
Aunus expedition
Polish–Ukrainian War
Polish–Soviet War
Polish–Lithuanian War
Ukrainian War of Independence
Ukrainian–Soviet War
Polish–Ukrainian War

Baltic states

Estonian War of Independence
Latvian War of Independence
Lithuanian Wars of Independence
Polish–Lithuanian War

European Russia

Eastern periphery


Armenian–Azerbaijani War
Red Army invasion of Azerbaijan
Georgian–Armenian War
Armenian–Azerbaijani War
Turkish–Armenian War
Georgian–Ossetian conflict
Georgian–Armenian War
Sochi conflict
Red Army invasion of Georgia

Central Asia



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