Professional Football League of Ukraine

Professional Football League of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Професіональна футбольна ліга України, romanized: Profesionalna futbolna liha Ukrayiny; also known as PFL) is a sport organization and collective member of the Football Federation of Ukraine. Created in 1996 as a representative of professional clubs in Ukraine, since 2008 it only represents professional clubs of lower leagues (second and third tiers).

Union of Football Clubs Professional Football League of Ukraine
Професіональна футбольна ліга України
Formation26 May 1996; 26 years ago (1996-05-26)
Typesport organization
Legal statusnational
PurposeDevelopment of national football through development of own clubs
HeadquartersHouse of Football
Servicesorganization of football competitions
Membership (2017)
33 clubs (out of 30 cities)
Official language
Oleksandr Kadenko (acting)
Honored President
Ravil Safiullin
Sport Director
Oleh Holubev
PFL Administration
Main organ
PFL Conference (between conferences Council of Leagues)
SubsidiariesPFL Disciplinary Committee
AffiliationsFootball Federation of Ukraine
Old logo (1996–2017)
The Mitre ball with PFL logo

The League organizes the football competition for football clubs in the second and the third level of the Ukrainian league system known as Persha Liha and Druha Liha respectively as well as early stages of the Ukrainian Cup. It enforces the laws and regulations and ensures that the competitions are organized under the concept of "Fair play".

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