Progress Rocket Space Centre

The Progress Rocket Space Centre (Russian: Ракетно-космический центр «Прогресс»), formerly known as TsSKB-Progress (Russian: ЦСКБ-Прогресс), is a Russian joint-stock company under the jurisdiction of Roscosmos State Corporation responsible for space science and aerospace research.[3] It was the developer of the famous Soyuz-FG rocket that was used for crewed space flight, as well as the Soyuz-U that was used for launching uncrewed probes.[4]

Progress Rocket Space Centre
TypeJoint-stock company
IndustrySpace science
Aerospace research
Founded12 April 1996
Revenue$593 million[1] (2017)
$26.5 million[1] (2017)
$21.7 million[1] (2017)
Total assets$1.69 billion[1] (2017)
Total equity$488 million[1] (2017)
Number of employees
17,703 Edit this on Wikidata

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